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Welcome to our website! We hope you find it helpful.

Garden Etiquette

Please can keyholders be considerate of other garden users and refrain from behaving (or allowing children to behave) in ways that could damage the planting or the garden furniture, or disturb or otherwise spoil others' enjoyment of the garden.

Specifically, shouting and screaming, ball games, and other games involving throwing, hitting or kicking things, are not allowed. You can find the by-laws here and on the notice boards at the east and west entrances.


Suspension of parties until further notice

Sadly, given repeated problems with noise, disturbance and garden damage this summer, we have had to suspend parties until futher notice. We will be consulting members on what they would like the garden's party policy to be. In the meantime you are of course welcome to have small gatherings (up to 15 people, including children) and we ask all garden users to please be considerate of others, including residents around the garden.

Shakespeare in the Squares

We had a wonderful evening hosting the opening night of Shakespeare in the Squares' production of Twelth Night on Wednesday 7 June. A wonderful romantic comedy, we had fun & frolics, music and laughter - and a lovely dry, sunny evening to enjoy it. We look forward to finding out what's in store next year. You can learn more about Shakespeare in the Squares here.

London Open Gardens Weekend

We welcomed over 150 visitors to the garden as part of London Open Gardens Weekend this year. We opened for the gloriously warm & sunny afternoon of Sunday 11 June. Dik Cadbury provided entertainment, singing & playing acoustic guitar. For more information about this annual event, when over 100 (usually private) gardens are open to the public, visit the London Parks & Gardens' website London Open Gardens.

Access to the garden and Rough Sleepers

Since the introduction of the late night dog patrol on Leinster Square, the problems of rough sleepers and late night revellers using the garden and pavilion has disappeared. Should they reappear, or if you see anything suspicious or are concerned, please call the police on the national non-emergency number: 101. This service is available 24 hours a day.

Garden Square News published a feature on the refurbishment of Leinster Square, you can read their piece here.

Please let me know if you have any questions, you can contact me or other members of the team at


30 July 2023