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Welcome to our website! We hope you find it helpful.

Access to the garden and Rough Sleepers

We have had rough sleepers and late night revellers using the garden and pavilion over the last few months. We encourage members to contact the police to remove them if they are spotted.

As a result the gates and electronic key mechanisms have been vandalised and damaged which is frustrating as the control mechanism has to be sent abroad for repairs which is very costly. We are in the process at looking at alternative lock systems which are more robust and less prone to vandalism.

We ask that members to be patient until the new system is in place and, if you are aware of intruders or people sleeping in the garden, or if you see anything suspicious or are concerned, please call the police on the national non-emergency number: 101. This service is available 24 hours a day.

Shakespeare in the Squares

We were delighted to have the honour, once again, to host the opening night of Shakespeare in the Squares summer show. On a beautiful summer's evening we were treated to a 1970's inspired prodution of As You Like It. The event was a sell out and by all reports was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone attending. These wonderful events seem to get better and better each year. We hope we will be able to host Shakespeare in the Squares again next year.

Open Garden Squares Weekend

For the third year running, Leinster Square Gardens participated in Open Garden Squares Weekend, welcoming 100 ticket holders (as well as members, as usual!) to the garden during the afternoon of Sunday 10th June. We received many compliments about the garden and its planting. You can find information about this wonderful, annual opportunity to visit private garden squares across London at Open Garden Squares.

Garden Etiquette

Please can keyholders and their guests be considerate of other garden users and refrain from behaving (or allowing their children to behave) in ways that could disturb or otherwise spoil others' enjoyment of the garden. Specifically, ball games are not allowed. You can find the by-laws here and on the notice boards at the east and west entrances.

Garden Square News published a feature on the refurbishment of Leinster Square, you can read their piece here.

Please let me know if you have any questions, you can contact me or other members of the team at